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Netherlands Map 1

Netherlands National Rapporteur on Trafficking The Government of the Netherlands established The National Rapporteur on Trafficking, which reports on the extent of human trafficking and sexual violence against children, as well as the effects of related government policies. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM Objective: 7, 10

Serbia Map 1

Serbia Serbia Supports Migrants through Cultural Mediators The Government of Serbia implemented a project using cultural mediators to support vulnerable migrants. Support includes specialized case management, safety planning, referral, psychosocial support and support of best interests of migrants. It features a thematic focus on gender-based violence. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM Objective: 7, …

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Greece Map 1

Greece Greece Provides Guidance for Migrant Women The General Secretariat for Gender Equality issued a guide for migrant women concerning their rights in the areas of work, health and social security. This also helps to sensitize officials and others to the need for equal treatment. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM Objective: 3, 7

Switzerland Map 1

Switzerland Geneva Adopts a Voucher System The Government of Switzerland, through the canton of Geneva adopted a voucher system for employers to regularly hire domestic workers, especially women migrants. It also provides them with social security coverage, benefits and guaranteed minimum wages. Read more Theme: Pathways and Employment GCM Objective: 6, 16, 18

Cyprus Map 1

Cyprus Multidisciplinary Coordinating Group The Government of Cyprus established a Multidisciplinary Coordinating Group to monitor migrant rights in trafficking. It provides early identification, protection and support to victims of trafficking. It also promotes international cooperation, monitoring and collection of data. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM Objective: 1, 9, 10

Morocco Map 1

Morocco Morocco Provides Social Services to Women and Child Migrants The Government of Morocco is providing social assistance services to its entire population, regardless of migration status. This includes provision of services in the National Mutual Aid program for disadvantaged women and victims of violence, as well as protection to migrant children and the disabled …

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Spain Map 1

Spain Spain Implements Gender-Responsive Data Policies to Enhance Non-Discrimination The Government of Spain is working through the Institute of Women and Equal Opportunities for cross-sectional implementation of gender equality and non-discrimination in the labour force. All government agencies are required to provide gender-relevant statistical information, including on women migrants, conduct surveys, give advice and oversee …

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Mexico Map 1

Mexico Mexico Creates a Technical Group for Integration of Gender-Responsive Data in Policy Planning The Government of Mexico has created a technical group for incorporation of gender-responsive data into its migration policies through the Ministry of the Interior. The group collects data to guarantee women migrants effective access to their rights through incorporation of gender …

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Costa Rica Map 1

Costa Rica Costa Rica’s Second National Integration Plan (2018-2022) The Government of Costa Rica tasked civil society groups with developing gender-responsive analysis of migration through its Second National Integration Plan (2018-2022). The plan’s analysis calls for gender-sensitive policies, especially with respect to gender-based violence, using new data. The plan more broadly includes a specific focus …

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Uruguay Map 1

Uruguay Uruguay Revises Legal Codes for Migrants The Government of Uruguay introduced new measures to minimize administrative irregularities for migrants. It is also pursuing revisions to its legal codes to promote migrant rights and bi- and multi-lateral agreements for migrant mobility. GCM Objective: 4, 5, 15, 16