• We developed an operationalization of gender-responsive migration governance, and using this a preliminary version of a compendium of ‘best practices’ on migration governance has been developed from around the world, as well as from different levels of governance, keeping into account the ‘whole-of-society’ approach to migration governance as emphasized in the GCM.
  • Selection criteria were developed (August 2020) based on scholarship and guidance from the expert working group for addressing women’s human rights in the GCM, and taking into account international frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, GCM, and CEDAW General Recommendation 26. Approximately 50 practices have been selected and represent a wide range that is illustrative of measures that are undertaken at different levels of governance toward gender-responsiveness in different regions (see Appendix).
  • A database of practices has been compiled (November 2020) and includes location, institutions/actors involved, geographic scope, level of governance, target population, date implemented, thematic area, GCM objective(s), description, links.

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