Have a gender-responsive practice to share? You are invited to contribute your own policy, program, publication, or initiative which can serve as an example of how to work on migration in a gender-responsive way.

Practices submitted to the Gender+Migration Hub will undergo a peer review process to determine the level of gender-responsiveness (gender-sensitive, gender-specific, or gender-responsive). Following review, practices will be compiled, mapped, and shared on the Gender+Migration Hub maps page, and with the UN Network on Migration Knowledge Hub repository of practices.

You may wish to prepare your submission using this Word template and then paste responses into the form online.  For help, feel free to contact us.

Share a Pledge

Are you committed to implementing a gender-responsive migration policy, program, or initiative now or in the near future?

The UN Network on Migration has launched a pledging initiative in the lead up to the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF). In order to highlight your pledge related to gender, please share it on the Gender+Migration Hub today!

Pledges will be listed on the Gender+Migration Hub to illustrate and inspire further action.

To submit your pledge please fill out this form. For help, contact us.

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