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Taiwan Map 1

Taiwan Taiwan Implements Participatory Budgeting for Migrant Workers The Government of Taiwan, through the Department of Labour in Taoyuan City, is implementing participatory budgeting for migrants workers. The project provides on- and off-line channels for foreign residents, especially women, to express their issues, needs and policy ideas. The project aims to help migrant workers feel …

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South Korea Map 1

South Korea South Korea’s Women-Friendly City Project The Government of South Korea, with the Seoul Metropolitan government, has adopted a new policy approach to incorporate women’s, including migrants, perspectives and experiences in its Women-Friendly City Project. The project works through 16 offices, investment institutions and government-funded institutions to choose projects involving integration of gender-responsive data …

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Nepal Map 1

Nepal Nepal Adopts International Conventions Protecting Migrant Rights The Government of Nepal, working with civil society groups, implemented the CEDAW shadow reporting processes to advocate for ratification of international conventions on migrant rights, especially for women. Adopted conventions include ILO Domestic Workers Convention (2011) and the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of …

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India Map 1

India India Establishes a Gender Budget Cell The Government of India has established a gender budget cell to create schemes benefitting women migrants. It further aims to assess benefits to reaching women through existing social services and develop provisions and targets for make gender-responsive policy planning benefitting women. Read more Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities GCM …

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Sierra Leone Map 1

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone’s National Migration Strategy (2017) The Government of Sierra Leone has incorporated gender-based analysis for the protection of migrant women in its National Migration Strategy (2017). In the strategy, gender is considered a key, cross-cutting issue that needs to be mainstreamed into migration management and development planning. The strategy encompasses gender-sensitive policy …

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Mauritius Map 1

Mauritius Mauritius’ National Migration and Development Policy and Action Plan (2018) The Government of Mauritius has developed a National Migration and Development Policy and Action Plan (2018) to integrate gender into its migration policies. The policy contains objectives to mainstream gender data and analysis. It partly achieves this by aiming to collect gender-disaggregated data and …

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Madagascar Map 1

Madagascar Madagascar Uses Gender-Responsive Data in Policy Planning and Service Provision The Government of Madagascar completed a gender-based analysis in 2019 to inform its responses to gender equality and climate change, including women migrants. Its report involved analysing the ways in which climate change differentially affects vulnerable groups, such as women and migrants. To address …

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Guinea Map 1

Guinea Guinea’s Gender Analytical Framework The Government of Guinea is prioritising a gender analytical framework to explore generation and integration of gender-responsive data in its policy planning. Analysis of existing data produced evidence of vulnerabilities of women in the country, especially migrants. The framework is fostering opportunities to coordinate mechanisms between gender and migration policies. …

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Ghana Map 1

Ghana Ghana Monitors Gender Equality via Enhancing Gender-Responsive Data The Government of Ghana, through its Statistical Service with assistance from Statistics Denmark, is monitoring gender equality by strengthening routine data collection systems on several data quality improvement projects. Data collection enhancements incorporate mainstreaming gender in its administrative data collection forms, including on migration. The projects …

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Switzerland BLLA

Switzerland Country ACountry BYearTreaty TypeWorking HolidayHost SwitzerlandChile2008New TreatyYesBothIrelandSwitzerland1949New TreatyNoBothNetherlandsSwitzerland1952New TreatyNoBothFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyNoFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyNoFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyNoSwitzerlandFrance1958New TreatyNoFranceSwitzerland1959New TreatyNoBothFranceSwitzerland1964New TreatyNoUnclearSwitzerlandSpain1961New TreatyNoSwitzerlandSwitzerlandGermany1994Amending TreatyNoBothSwitzerlandGermany1999Amending TreatyNoBothWest GermanySwitzerland1955New TreatyNoBothWest GermanySwitzerland1970New TreatyNoWest GermanySwitzerland1976New TreatyNoPolandSwitzerland1993New TreatyNoBothAustriaSwitzerland1956New TreatyNoSwitzerlandAustria1973New TreatyNoSwitzerlandCzech Republic1997New TreatyNoSwitzerlandSlovakia1995New TreatyNoSwitzerlandItaly1948New TreatyNoSwitzerlandSwitzerlandItaly1964Superseding TreatyNoSwitzerlandSwitzerlandItaly1991New TreatyNoBothSwitzerlandBosnia And Herzegovina2009New TreatyNoUnclearSwitzerlandKosovo2010New TreatyNoUnclearFinlandSwitzerland1951New TreatyNoSwedenSwitzerland1948New TreatyNoBothDenmarkSwitzerland1948New TreatyNoBothSouth AfricaSwitzerland1998New TreatyNoBothSwitzerlandTunisia2012New TreatyNoBothSwitzerlandPhilippines2002New TreatyNoBothNew ZealandSwitzerland1984New TreatyNoBoth