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Australia Map 1

Australia Australia’s Gender Equality Strategy The Government of Australia issued its Gender Equality Strategy in 2016. The strategy addresses gender imbalances found across government service provision to the public, including groups such as women migrants. The strategy is accompanied by a toolkit, resources, factsheets and good practises related to gender-responsive data collection and use. Read …

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Spain BLLA

Spain Country ACountry BYearTreaty TypeWorking Holiday TreatyHost SpainUnited States of America1955New TreatyNoCanadaSpain2009New TreatyYesBothSpainDominican Republic1975New TreatyNoSpainDominican Republic2001New TreatyNoBothSpainDominican Republic2002New TreatyNoMexicoSpain2001New TreatyNoMexicoSpain2002New TreatyNoSpainColombia2001New TreatyNoSpainSpainEcuador2001New TreatyNoSpainSpainPeru2004New TreatyNoBothUnited KingdomSpain2000New TreatyNoNetherlandsSpain1961New TreatyNoNetherlandsSpainFrance1961New TreatyNoFranceSpain1956New TreatyNoFranceSpain1956New TreatyNoFranceSpain1964New TreatyNoFranceSpain1965Amending TreatyNoFranceSpain1968New TreatyNoSwitzerlandSpain1961New TreatyNoSwitzerlandWest GermanySpain1952New TreatyNoWest GermanySpain1960New TreatyNoSpainPoland2002New TreatyNoBothAustriaSpain1962New TreatyNoAustriaSpain1964New TreatyNoItalySpain1957New TreatyNoBothItalySpain1959Amending TreatyNoSpainBulgaria2003New TreatyNoBothSpainRomania2002New TreatyNoBothSpainUkraine2009New TreatyNoBothSpainMauritania2007New TreatyNoBothSpainNigeria1954New TreatyNoSpainNigeria1957New TreatyNoSpainNigeria1963New TreatyNoSpainMorocco2001New TreatyNoSpainNew ZealandSpain2009New TreatyYesBoth

France BLLA

France Country ACountry BYearTreaty TypeTreaty Host FranceArgentina1995New TreatyBothFranceUnited Kingdom1947New TreatyFranceFranceUnited Kingdom1965New TreatyBothFranceIreland1949New TreatyBothFranceLuxembourg1949New TreatyBothFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyFranceSwitzerland1946New TreatyFranceSwitzerland1959New TreatyBothFranceSwitzerland1964New TreatyUnclearFranceSpain1956New TreatyFranceSpain1956New TreatyFranceSpain1964New TreatyFranceSpain1965Amending TreatyFranceSpain1968New TreatyFrancePortugal1958New TreatyFrancePortugal1963New TreatyFranceFrancePortugal1967New TreatyFrancePortugal1971Superseding TreatyFranceFrancePortugal1977Superseding TreatyFranceFranceWest Germany1950New TreatyFranceWest Germany1950New TreatyFranceWest Germany1954New TreatyFranceWest Germany1957New TreatyFrancePoland1948New TreatyUnclearFrancePoland1990New TreatyBothFrancePoland1992New TreatyFranceFrancePoland2001New TreatyBothFranceAustria1955New TreatyFranceSlovakia2002New TreatyFranceSlovakia2005New TreatyBothFranceItaly1947New TreatyFranceItaly1951New TreatyFranceItaly1951New TreatyFranceItaly1952New TreatyFranceItaly1956Superseding TreatyFranceFranceItaly1957Amending TreatyFranceFranceItaly1957New TreatyFranceFranceItaly1958Amending TreatyBothFranceItaly1960Amending TreatyFranceItaly1963New TreatyFranceYugoslavia1965New TreatyFranceFranceGreece1954New …

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United States of America Country ACountry BTreaty TypeTreaty Host United States of AmericaCanadaSuperseding TreatyUnclearUnited States of AmericaCanadaAmending TreatyBothUnited States of AmericaMexicoNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaMexicoNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaUnited KingdomNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaFranceNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaFranceNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaSpainNew TreatyUnited States of AmericaSouth KoreaNew TreatyUnited States …

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Myanmar Map Side Bar

Myanmar Htoi Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking POLICY DESCRIPTION Htoi provides rescued women and girls with legal aid, psychosocial counselling, referrals to services, skills training for their economic recovery and human trafficking awareness training.  GCM OBJECTIVES 10 COMMIT Supports Fair Recruitment POLICY DESCRIPTION COMMIT, an inter-governmental body of the Governments of Cambodia, China, Lao, …

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Canada Map 1

Canada Canada Develops Gender-Responsive Data for Gender Equality and Foreign Policy Planning The Government of Canada, through Statistics Canada, is implementing gender-responsive data into its gender equality and foreign policies in response to a 2018 report. This includes the development of new standards of sex- and gender-related variables and classifications in data collection. The policy …

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Sri Lanka Map 1

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Develops Training Manuals to Respond to Sexual- and Gender-Based Violence The Government of Sri Lanka, with support from UN Women, developed a training manual to help labour attaches to better respond to sexual- and gender-based violence among women migrant workers. A second manual, which is now integrated in regular training sessions …

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Kuwait Map 1

Kuwait Kuwait Regulates Domestic Work Sector In 2015, Kuwait’s national assembly adopted a new law regulating the domestic work sector, including provision of labour rights such as a minimum wage. These regulations fill a gap in the Gulf Cooperation Council’s legal protection for migrant workers. Read more Theme: Social Protection, Rights and Services GCM Objective: …

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Philippines Map 1

Philippines Results of the Philippines’ Republic Act 8042 The Government of the Philippines established Republic Act 8042 to affirm the fundamental equality of women in building the country. Through this act, the government is implementing a policy to recognise the contributions of women migrant workers overseas and their particular vulnerabilities. This includes the use of …

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Indonesia Map 1

Indonesia Indonesia Trains Judges in Gender-Responsive Court Decisions The Government of Indonesia, with support from UN Women, is working through its judicial institutions to provide training modules to judges. These modules train judges in avoiding discriminatory attitudes towards women, including migrants, who are in conflict with the law. After a pilot program, Indonesia’s Supreme Court …

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