The Government of Canada, through Statistics Canada, is implementing gender-responsive data into its gender equality and foreign policies in response to a 2018 report. This includes the development of new standards of sex- and gender-related variables and classifications in data collection. The policy aims to provide a two-step process for planning and collecting data on women and gender-diverse people, including migrants.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objective: 1

The Government of Canada is engaging new partners on projects that specifically address the multiple barriers to labour market entry and career advancement faced by visible minority newcomer women in Canada.

Theme: Pathways and Employment

GCM Objective: 6, 16, 18

The Government of Canada introduced its Gender Results Framework (GRF) in 2018 to pursue and enhance gender equality, including on migration-related policies. GRF is a whole-of-government tool designed to track how Canada is doing on gender-responsive policymaking and measure its progress going forward. Through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, GRF promotes better collection and use of gender-responsive data.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objectives: 1

The Government of Canada is using a gender-based analysis (GBA+) tool to provide capacity building and policy evaluation tools. GBA+ trains policymakers, including in immigration agencies, on how various intersections of identity, such as gender, affect implementation of its policies. Through GBA+, agencies such as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are developing, collecting and making better use of gender-responsive data.

Theme: Migration Data and Registration

GCM Objectives: 1

The Government of Canada provides protection and assistance to refugee women through its Women at Risk program. The program provides such assistance to migrant women who are at heightened risk for fear of their safety and security through resettlement in Canada. This applies to women without the normal protection of a family who find themselves in precarious situations.

Theme: Violence and Vulnerabilities

GCM Objective: 7, 14, 16

The Canadian Council for Refugees launched a project called "Gender-Based Approach to Settlement". The goal of the project is to build the capacity of the settlement sector to apply a gender-based analysis in the advocacy for and the development, implementation and evaluation of settlement programs and services for migrants.

Theme: Integration and Participation

GCM Objective: 3, 7, 14